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About our team

We are PayAndPlayCasinos ORG; an experienced team of online casino gambling experts and players. A strong and extensive experience in gambling, knowledge of strategies and nuances of casino gaming allowed us to create our website https://payandplaycasinos.org/en/. The purpose of our site is ONLY to talk about online casinos, bonuses offered in online casinos and payment methods that are popular and reliable in this or that online casino. We have not paid much attention to the payment methods used by online casinos. However, our favorite feature in all online casinos is “Pay and Play”. We can talk about it for days, but we also decided to immortalize our experience and create a website dedicated to pay and play in online casinos.

Our mission

Solving urgent problems with players. Many players, especially beginners, often have a distrust of online casinos when it comes to money, especially the preservation and anonymity of personal data. We used to be like that ourselves and shied away from making deposits and playing for real money. But after many unsuccessful and successful attempts to make deposits in online casinos, we have realized a simple truth: You need to carefully consider not only the casino, but also the payment method that is integrated in online casinos. That is why we have collected all our experiences and published them on our website.
We do not charge any money. Many people may complain about our website, and we have had a few cases, but we want to warn you and inform you that our team members do not take money directly from readers, our income is based on affiliate programs.

PayAndPlayCasinos ORG Team

Our team currently consists of 1 editor-in-chief and many players with former online casino managers from different countries. This way we can keep up to date with all the news not only from one country but also from several other countries.

We are actively looking for people who have a good and quality understanding of gambling to offer them a real dream job!

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Where are we located?

Now, after COVID-19, our team is working remotely to make every team member feel more comfortable and 100% committed to our common cause.

You can find out how to contact us on this page.